About Us

Whether it was for competition or for company, BBQ was always John Causey's passion. In 1985, as a member of the Vienna Volunteer Fire Department cooking team, John created a BBQ sauce to use in the Big Pig Jig BBQ contest. The sauce became such a huge hit that, in 2009, Causey Foods began selling our first bottles of BBQ sauces at festivals, online and in stores. 

Even after John's untimely death in 2022, Causey Foods has not stopped developing our acclaimed brand of sauces, rubs and recipes. His daughter, Wynn Causey Bakke, continues to build the Causey Foods brand with an unwavering commitment to quality and service to our loyal customers. We never take our customers for granted and consider ourselves blessed to continue John's incredible legacy.

John's humbleness and his commitment to family and service are our guiding principles-- from the products we create and sell, to the way we operate our business.

Thank you for being our customer!